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Kip’s World is on a mission to inspire the next generation to love, enjoy and care for the natural world.

Our work is always safe for children to read. We write for grown-ups — parents, uncles and aunts, teachers, carers — hoping to inspire them to help youngsters acquire a strong appreciation for nature, while also enhancing their own understanding of the environment.

If you don’t know any children, then you are still welcome to enjoy Kip’s World. There is a child in each of us.

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We regularly publish seasonal information about flowers, insects, and small creatures.

We also write about drawing, illustration, animation, and other creative pursuits related to flora and fauna.

We gather ideas by being in nature every day in reserves, parks, woods, and gardens as conservationists, gardeners and arborists. We enjoy representing our experiences with photos, field notes, drawings, and more.

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Blottings and jottings from the brush and pen of Kip Halliday, children's book author, illustrator, and animator.


Children’s book author and illustrator